Yes you should be foam rolling!

Joel Hartman

I can't tell you how many times a foam roll has saved my life. Not literally, but you get what I mean. Whether you are an elite athlete or just enjoy working out occasionally: utilizing a foam roller on a consistent basis can be a gamechanger for how your body feels on a daily basis.

Have you ever had tightness in the side of your leg? What about the muscle on the outside of your shin? A knot in your buttocks? These are all situations that can be improved and eventually alleviated through the use of a foam roller.

For baseball players, I'll take it a step further- using a foam roll over my career has been beneficial in arm and upper body recovery. Using it to loosen up tight triceps and chest muscles, helping you pinpoint the tightness much more successfully than just typical stretching routines.

There are plenty of videos available on YouTube that will introduce you to and answer your foam rolling questions. Here's a basic video that goes over some Dos and Don'ts. Enjoy!

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