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"The information is very thorough, and covers everything needed to get your team ready to compete. Every coach can find something useful!" - ‘DH’

"As the Director of a newer organization, creating information to share with the other coaches has been the challenge. Prospect Dugout left no stone unturned when creating the Team Development Guide. This is a must have for coaches and organization administrators." - Brent Z

“Really extensive document with detailed and customizable practice plans and many many drills! Great resource for coaches!” - Mark T.

I am going into my first season as a coach and was planning on using what I learned during college baseball. Through the product I now have a set plan of what practice looks like and how to develop my players well.” - Jacob L.

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"Easy to understand drills! Really stepped up my sons game here at home and we shared with some of our coaches too!" - Kristen B 

"This is a great resource for coaches. Each coach can take and get something from this no matter the age you coach!" - JB

“In-Depth drill guide and Practice Plans. Great resource to structure practices. Adding video links that actually demonstrate the drills would make this guide even better. Thanks!” - Josh C

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Prospect Dugout training programs?

- In order to stand out against the competition, and in the eyes of coaches and scouts, players must be consistent and show the ability to handle the fundamentals under pressure. Our training programs give you the resources to challenge yourself or your players to improve their skills and knowledge of the game.

Who is the Prospect Dugout training program for?

- Whether you are an advanced high school player, or the parents of a little leaguer, our training programs are designed to help you improve. The level of your ability and understanding will dictate how intense you get with each training program. As a beginner, using these programs will give you a good foundation to build on. As an advanced athlete, these programs will amplify your skills and help you make more plays on the field.

Are the drills hard to implement?

 - NO!!! The way the programs are designed, players can develop at their own pace. If you are using our Team Practice Bundle with a newer team, watch how your players’ baseball IQ and engagement increase!

Which program should I get? 

- We recommend that you buy the program that is geared to your current situation. If you’re an infielder, purchase our Advanced Infield Training and our Advanced Hitting Training to help develop a well-rounded style of gameplay. You can also add our Explosive Strength and Speed Workout Program to start throwing harder, hitting the ball farther, and running faster.

Can these programs be used inside?

- Yes, certain elements of our training and drills can be used both indoors and outdoors. Our team practice plans include customized indoor and outdoor plans, as well as drills designed to be used in batting cages.