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Prospect Dugout

Advanced Infield Manual

Advanced Infield Manual

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Are you ready to take your team's defense to the next level?

Our ebook with 15+ baseball drills are perfect for coaches and players of all skill levels looking to improve their team's skills and dominate on defense.

The "Static short hop" drill will help your players improve their technique on a short hop, allowing them to make those crucial plays in the field. The "4 Cone Lateral" drill is designed to increase your team's fielding range and improve lateral fielding skills, giving your players the edge they need to make those tough plays.

The "Circle" drill is perfect for helping your players improve their rhythm and fielding position, while the "Back foot double play" drill will improve their double play turns by practicing fielding and throwing from an uncomfortable position. These drills are used at the collegiate and professional level, so why not start training like the pros and use advanced skills and techniques to improve your game?

With these detailed drills, you'll be able to take pressure off your pitching staff and turn more double plays. Your infielders will be able to get into better position and transfer the ball more quickly out of their glove, while becoming more athletic in the process.

Don't let your team's defense hold you back. Start using these drills today and watch your team dominate on defense!

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